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Famous People Who work Here
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Famous people who work in La Chingada Resort

Elton John
He plays at night in our luxurious restaurant for $100 pesos, minus TAX which makes it $13 pesos, plus tips which make something like $15 pesos, minus TAX we take from the tips; so he wins about $7.25 pesos a week and a free taco.


Kevin Federline
He works as a DJ at the Disco in La Chingada every single night without vacations, not even Christmas or New Year or his birthday even there's nobody at the disco.
How much does he win for this job? Well, let's put it this way: The man who cleans the bathrooms wins more than him.


Andy Dick
Because he is such a faggot looooseeeer, Andy Dick hasn't got any good job during the last 10 years, So he decided to come with us and  begged for a job, so we thought about it for 5 seconds and decided to name him Head of Intendants. He wins like $100 dollars a day but he has to give us 80% of the gains so he wins about 20 bucks minus taxes he wins 1.75 dollars a day and a cookie (without chocolate chips and milk because of the taxes)


Rod Stewart
In the lapse of a CD and another one, this piece of shit comes with us to work as a guide badly paid and affeminated giving tours while he dances with a likeable tutu.


Ben Stiller
After his film "One Night at the Museum", Ben Stiller loves the work of nightguard and also the uniform, so he came with us to obtain the job of nightguard and we gave it him, but with the wage of 1 dollar a day and a free soda provided by Ass-wipe Monkey


Tom Cruise
Like Rod Stewart, Tom comes here to work when he is not filming. Tom works as a homosexual stupid bellboy raising and lowering suitcases and mascots by all the buildings of resort receiving the reasonable wage of 500 pesos to the week a pie of chocolate plus tips, but because he works for us, we take  90% of his gains so he gains 100 pesos the week and a half of a muffin because of taxes(here the taxes are of 75% to the goverment and 15 to us).


Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu
When we saw the movie of the charlie angels full throttle we seach for this hot girls and offered them a job a dancers in the resort and they said yes. Now they win over 1000 bucks at week plus the  tips of the male fans


Adam Sandler
Like Andy Dick's case, Adam hasn't got a job for a long time since his movie "Click", so he came with us and we gave him the job of bellboy with Tom Cruise and he gains the same as tom

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