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Especial Events

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Especial Events

Besides our natural attractions here in La Chingada, we have series of special events, programmed by several recognized firms to promote their new articles or to obtain something of publicity;  also, some sports events are presented.

Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Here in La Chingada, Victoria's Secret makes a fashionshow every 3 months to promote their new products.


Deportive activities
Here in the la chingada we promoted the sport reason why every 4 months we made tournaments of almost anykind sports (we're only missing badmington because we don't give a shit about it)


Day of taco
Day of Taco: in La Chingada we will make the best celebration of one of the best foods in the world: the Taco.The reason of this celebration is because in Mexico "The day of Taco" is going to be celebrated and every Mexican is going to celebrate (and we are Mexicans too, assholes) so we’ll celebrate it in La Chingada too.


New Year
Why celebrate the New Year in your house with a simple dinner when you can celebrate it with us here in la chingada resort,  come and enjoy our exellents meals and all the atractions that we have glided for ya, so only ask to someone to sent you to LA CHINGADA RESORT


Come and enjoy the xmas with us and celebrate it with yours friends and familiy(no niggers allow)


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