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Welcome to La Chingada Resort Club® Website


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La Chingada is an 8-star resort club located in La Chingada.

La Chingada is a well-kown quality international club, no matter where you are, you can always go to La Chingada.

We will be adding new stuff to la chingada, and sending more people to la chingada so you don't get bored.

Special Message from La Chingada: "Que tengan un año de la Chingada!"

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La Chingada 8-star Resort Club, is renovated every month.

About La Chingada

In La Chingada we care about our visitors, that's why we count with pools, jacuzzi's, well-known restaurants, high-quality brand clothing stores, such as Victoria's Secret and Giorgio Armani; and we also have big green areas, hotel, beach, lake, river, satellite plasma T.V's, supermarkets, drug stores, golf fields, and all you can imagine.

Messages From La Chingada

We are currently out of space in La Chingada because there's too many people that have been told "vete a la chingada", so meanwhile you can go to La Puta Madre, which is in association with La Chingada 

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Chinga a tu madre ("go fuck your mother") is often considered the strongest Mexican curse, and vete a la chingada roughly translates "go fuck yourself". Other uses are somewhat more tame – a Mexican might say no me chingues, a fairly strong version of "don't annoy me" or even "get outta here!", or if a Mexican is beaten in a business deal or in sports, me chingaron might be used.

La Chingada Resort Club®