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Our Guests

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Our Guests

Sylvester Stallone
He was sent to la chingada after his girlfriend discovered his penis is the size of a tooth. Also he was sent by millions of people who discovered he will make Rocky VI even though he is too old.



He is being constantly sent here for being persistant with the recounting of the votes.

He likes to walk in our sunny green areas. 


  Britney Spears

She was sent here after she broke up with Justin Timberlake, the sending was mutuum. 


Zinedine Zidane


Zidane and Iker just came to the hotel after many fans of el Barcelona sent them.  Romance is rumoured.

Cameron Diaz

She was sent to La Chingada by chicks all over the world for being too damn hot. She spends her time in our fabolous beach.


Ronaldinho was sent here in revenge of Zidane's sending. He is usualy seen playing in the green areas.

Vicente Fox

 The Mexican President Vicente Fox is one of the politicians that you will usualy see here. He comes here because he is continuously sent by the PRD.

Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt  came here when Jennifer Anniston sent him to la chingada when he heard him on the phone having sex with Angelina Jolie. (By the Way, also Angelina was sent here).

Now, they have their own house in La Chingada with a balcony included.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was sent here by his father after arnold didn't bring the milk for  dinner; also, everyday thousands of mexicans send him here so now he has his own suite and pool too.

Bill Gates and Bono

Bill Gates is also in our Hall of Fame of La Chingada Resort Club after his wife told him these magical words when she caught him having sex with his sister.

Bono, also in our Hall of Fame, has come here since the day he rapped a hungry little african girl offering  dog's food to her, he was caught in the middle of the act and appeared on TV, so half the world has said vete a la chingada to him.

George Bush

George Bush was one of our guests when he come after his son told him vete a la chingada , he had fun in our rural area killing animals and more things and made a zafari


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